30LD FUSEE, Flare
30LD FUSEE, Flare
FUSEE, Flare
30 minute safety flares
Product Dimensions: 15.50L x 1.00W x 1.00H in
Weight: 3.00 lbs.

This part has been used with these vehicles and will most likely be compatible with similar units not listed.
2023 Braun Chrysler
2013-2018 Collins Chevrolet
2016 Collins Ford
2017,2022 Elkhart Coach Ford
2014 Girardin Chevy Express 3
2024 Glaval Ford
2023 L.A. West Mercedes
2024 L.A. West Ram
2018,2020 Starcraft Chevrolet
2018,2024 StarTrans Ford
2023 Turtle Top Chevrolet
2014,2023-2024 Turtle Top Ford